My Savior

My Savior

By "Tungsten"

I make my living taking pictures of people doing random things.

Photography is my savior. 

I've had three major bouts of clinical depression. I live with chronic anxiety, intrusive horrific thoughts including those of termination.  Diagnosed with long-term complicated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I work hard everyday to find a bit of joy. I take minimal medication because I feel it interferes with my creativity.  Also, on the job I occasionally put myself in harms way to get the shot.  Anti-depressants tinker with my fight or flight judgement --  something I learned the hard way...  Regular therapy is a must. 

I'm a warrior, not a victim, who has gone to battle many times. And, even though each battle has left scars I am still alive and thriving as best I can.  

I really wanted to share my life story but found the printed word to be too painful.  So I have brought beauty to the ugly by writing Haikus.

All images are mine, taken with my cell phone over a six-year span


Occupation: Photojournalist