Living with mental illness is many things, it can be ugly, painful, exhausting and life threatening, and it can also be tender, beautiful and transformative. One in Twenty is a place where you can connect, both heart and mind, with those who have walked before you, and others who walk alongside you.

“More than an awareness campaign, more than healing through art, more than stigma-fighters, One in Twenty is a living breathing community offering validation, support and a creative outlet for people coping with and surviving mental illness.”

Our mission is to close the gap between the vital but impersonal research conducted by academics and clinicians and how it really feels when you are suffering from depression or mental illness. We aim to provide a platform where you can share your stories, discover that you are not alone, and find a safe outlet to express everything you are experiencing, from despair, to joy, to fear, to hope, and in time, to recovery.

If you are a sufferer, friend, family member, or caregiver suffering in silence, we invite you to join us and share your story.

* We understand it can be difficult to share your story with the world so we would like you to know that you can remain anonymous to our readers.

Why One in Twenty?


When One in Twenty was founded, the World Health Organization stated that for every person who died by suicide, another 20 would attempt to do so. *

At One in Twenty our focus is on those 20, and the people who love them.  With every ONE we reach, with every ONE we support, with every ONE who finds hope, collectively we rise.

*This number sadly continues to climb, making our mission and passion for this work even more critical.

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This Is A Love Story

I suspected that my father was manic-depressive after I started dating X. Both men were unpredictable, at times violent, thrilling and volatile but never dull. The only difference between my father and X was that X admitted he had the disorder; my father on the other hand would yell, ”I‘m not crazy!" …

Illness, Instagram, Activism: Q&A with Marvi Lacar

Those of us who only knew Marvi Lacar from her work as a photojournalist—I worked with her briefly at TIME Magazine—were floored when she published This Is A Love Story (which has been partially reprised in this HuffPo piece). It was a brutally intimate journal of writing and photography about her mental breakdown in 2008 …

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